Web programming class - project team logo

I'm attending a web programming class which need a project team. Team name is "Prison Break", I made a web2.0 style logo via http://msig.info/web2.php. This site automaticaly generate Flickr style logos. I thought this solution is just appropriate for us.

I requested a free web hosting at http://www.freeonrails.com/. Still waiting the administrator's answer. I'm plannig to use Ruby on Rails as our web server framework. Here is the message that I posted.


Hello. I'm a student majoring in computer science in Korea.My friends and I are studying Ruby on Rails and ajax. By googling I found freeonrails, and registered without hesitating. For now we want to make a project site. In class, we are practicing javascript. It wan't easy to find a hosting site which give little sapce with Ruby on Rails capability in Korea. I'm 28 years old, and interested in Web2, Long Tail theory. I think there still are posibilities to start a biz through web. Ideas are flowing everywhere, and changes are too fast to catch. Agile development with Ruby on Rails would help at this point. I'm looking forward your permission.Thank you.


Future of Web Apps

Tom Coates gave one of the best conference presentations ever today at The Future of Web Apps in San Francisco. It doesn't look like his slides are online, but you can see his presentation from the last Future of Web Apps conference here.

How can I add value to the Aggregate Web?
A web of data sources, services for exploring and manipulating data,
and ways that users can
connect them together

Native to a Web of Data
1. Look to add value to the Aggregate Web of data
2. Build for normal users, developers and machines
3. Start designing with data, not with pages
4. Identify your first order objects and make them addressable
5. Use readable, reliable and hackable URLs
6. Correlate with external identifier schemes
7. Build list views and batch manipulation interfaces
8. Create parallel data services using standards
9. Make your data as discoverable as possible

Starting your job - making good impression

Good first impression comes from the attitude and your answers. Those are rooted on your thoughts about the way you look at other people. So before you make some actions, consider about yourself. How do you think about other people? With respect of someone else, even though some people look naive to you, you can speak and behave nice. You don't have to rethink about your behaviors are appropriate or not. Without such mind, you may make some mistakes by accident. Having respects for others guides you to open but affirmative view points. Because you accept others' opinions, you will not underestimate any little possibilities. Hence your ideas grow richer. Though a company has its own corporate culture, they need new ideas. Because they're always seeking new business models. With your out-of-box mind, feed them your imaginations. You will be welcomed. Your unique view points about recent social topics will help you to go on conversations with new co-workers. If you have gone to army, such experiences would be one choice among general topics to break the ice. Now you can reinforce your impressions with little more skills such as memorizing your team members' names, and sparkling eye contacts.

Trust and reliability needs some time. Therefore check your mind time to time not to lose it. First good impressions are crucial for your job. But long-living reputations are more critical for your future. When you start to feel that you're losing such minds, go to kindergarten and talk with kids. Soon you'll find how kids are creative and smart. There's no limit. Once you get back to this respect-oriented mind, your behaviors will be appropriate.