About hobbies

I don't usually go to theatre for it's a costly way of killing time comparing with internet downloading. My love of films is in the crime and thriller genre. Favorites movie lists are Matrix, The Seven, The usual suspects, Fight Club, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Prison Break, and japan animations like Ghost in the shell.

People, including myself, like stories. They love storytellers. In internet era, it isn't easy to find original stories. It's highly possible to confront copies. If you want to grab real source of the article, you would do googling. And then narrow down your search results. This isn't that easy as to say.

In my free time, I surf the web in order to catch up on the recent edge-tech, interesting business stories. It's not about the money but about the stories that everybody would enjoy such as StarWars or HarryPotter. There are many other web-surfers like me who want to grab real original stuffs. To help those people, some guys devleoped filters using web2.0 technologies. This could be one reason why blogging is spread so widely in these days. The Long tail theory is all about these filters. Bright ideas are come from a few people, and you can visit his / her blog.

You can go to my favorite blogs right side bar on this blog. There are venture capitalist blog and the other blogs related with web2.0. I recommand you to visit Life Hacker and TED.com. At Life Hacker, you will find s/w, web sites reviews that make your life more productive. The TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference is an annual event where leading thinkers and doers gather for inspiration. The TEDBlog covers the same ground, on a rather more frequent basis. Here is one of those. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of "The tipping point", on TEDTalks.



Life isn't that long if you think more deeply. And it's not always happy. Once you get your goals in your hand, soon it turns out boring . Nothing goes forever. So what's really important in life? I mean literally real stuffs by your heart. Let's think about this just a few minutes with me.

Though it would be variable depend on your sense of values about life, working is one of them. Because you can plan something interesting to you, and then see it's outcomes. How things would end? Curiosity could be one reason for that. However if you've chosen something boring , there would be no curiosities and pleasures. Have you seen a movie "The Matrix"? You've got to choose only one pill. Red one? Blue one? It's up to you. Take whatever you want. But you may end your life chasing the money. I encourage you to get out of "the matrix" and live your own life. Of course it's not that easy. Reality isn't sweet. Though I say choise is crucial to begin your journey to freedom.

Are you following me? Now it's time to talk about the ways to accomplish our goal. It seems like gather pirate companies who are eager to take risks for treasures.


Free Science and Video Lectures Online!

Entire college COURSES on computer science.
Computer Architecture, Operating System Analysis, Programming Languages, the list goes on and on. Spread the love! It's like getting a full college education for free. Originally posted on digg.com. You will find it's quite useful.

Web Applications
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
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Principles of Software Engineering
Object Oriented Program Design
Computer System Engineering
Graduate Computer Architecture
Operating Systems and System Programming
Performance Analysis
Database Management Systems
Transaction Processing for E-Commerce
Practical Aspects of Modern Cryptography
Theory of Computation
Artificial Intelligence (4 lectures)
Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Best Friends

My best friends are now running a business in NY. They are eager to deliver bright ideas to reality. Somehow they got funded. It's not easy to get in touch with them for now. Some day I'll go to NY to see them. A few years ago, I've tried to launch an idea related in RFID which was closed without any outputs. It's always hard to overcome the barriers in real world. However without any adventures, life is boring enough. My friends and I likes to take risks to enjoy our life. That's me. And that's my real friends having no fear to embrace the hard facts that lies infront of us. In a way, we are pirates who went to unknown sea to discover tresures. I'm currently in South Korea studying computer science for now. It will take about 2 years to finish it. I hope to join my friends soon...