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I'm attending a web programming class which need a project team. Team name is "Prison Break", I made a web2.0 style logo via http://msig.info/web2.php. This site automaticaly generate Flickr style logos. I thought this solution is just appropriate for us.

I requested a free web hosting at http://www.freeonrails.com/. Still waiting the administrator's answer. I'm plannig to use Ruby on Rails as our web server framework. Here is the message that I posted.


Hello. I'm a student majoring in computer science in Korea.My friends and I are studying Ruby on Rails and ajax. By googling I found freeonrails, and registered without hesitating. For now we want to make a project site. In class, we are practicing javascript. It wan't easy to find a hosting site which give little sapce with Ruby on Rails capability in Korea. I'm 28 years old, and interested in Web2, Long Tail theory. I think there still are posibilities to start a biz through web. Ideas are flowing everywhere, and changes are too fast to catch. Agile development with Ruby on Rails would help at this point. I'm looking forward your permission.Thank you.

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  1. -_-; Well...
    The administrator doen't comment.
    I've to find another one.