Best Friends

My best friends are now running a business in NY. They are eager to deliver bright ideas to reality. Somehow they got funded. It's not easy to get in touch with them for now. Some day I'll go to NY to see them. A few years ago, I've tried to launch an idea related in RFID which was closed without any outputs. It's always hard to overcome the barriers in real world. However without any adventures, life is boring enough. My friends and I likes to take risks to enjoy our life. That's me. And that's my real friends having no fear to embrace the hard facts that lies infront of us. In a way, we are pirates who went to unknown sea to discover tresures. I'm currently in South Korea studying computer science for now. It will take about 2 years to finish it. I hope to join my friends soon...

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  1. please get the fuckin' phone....

    see ya soon

    - 명일