Need time..

I need time to improve my learnings including rubyonrails and math.


  1. I think that I have the same spec as your notebook (LW25 Advanced B7200)

    I have installed OS X 10.4.7 JAS with GMA900 support and omitted all printer and unnecessary languages.

    N.B. keyboard may work when you closed the motebook cover and open once again. (no specific reason)

    I have still having problem with sound and original network. So, I have used usb2network to overcome this issue.

    Reboot is not working, because of partition and cannot upgrade to 10.4.8 yet using the combo patch from software update.

    If you have further info, please let me know..^^

  2. Thans for coming. Well, actually I gave up to run x86osx on my notebook. The keyboard problem is not that easy to fix. The OSX's code isn't well written for various hardware including LW25.
    So far I haven't seen any solutions related with our "sophisticated" problems at insanelymac forum. May be x86osx.com would be helpful for you.

    Anyway I hope you to succeed...