SproutCore !!

For about 2 weeks, I studied and struggled to use extjs on my recent project.
As time goes, It became a mess. Because of javascript codes that are not organized well. For example, I wanted to make a browser like Finder which is default file browser on OSX. I had to find some way embed erb code in javascript(I used extscaffold plugin and I personally added some codes) By using extjs It was so hard that I almost thought it is time to move on. And I clicked on Sprout and dug into it while searching for snippets on google search results. I barely knew about beauty of it by the time I saw the test screen. You better see it by yourself. It's really awesome.

But one thing that bothers me is that it still does not support IE6, and IE7. I think it would take 3 or 4 months to be stable. And there will be "Merb in Action". It would be great to use Sproutcore with Merb. :)