tourist attraction

Well, I've never been abroad so far. And one region that I want to be is Swiss. They're invention exhibition once a year.(web search needed here). Of course I can see the major contents though, seeing is better.
May be learning is experiencing new things like kids doing. So the main purpose of tour is learning. Some part of learning would be get fresh ideas. In this aspect, going to a design gallery is exactly the samething for me. When I see creative works done by designers reminds me to think and act out of box. Such break-through *** can be learned as far as I think. But unfortunately I haven't get much free time to take a trip, I've tried to see fresh galleries. It's not like eat fastfoods. Anyway I hope to be in Swiss someday. Are there a site that shows me greate inspiring videos? Yes. The Ausraila **** site does. Here is the link. Nature is another source of creativity. Why creativity is crucial for me? Now it's changing too fast that only parianoids survive.

Basically I fully agree with "The World is Flat". So if you want to survive, you have to creative and know where my strengths are. Traveling and communicate various people based on multi cultures will broaden(?) my limits so that make you flexible.


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