look, see, imagine

Recently I've read "The Back of the Napkin". And Here is what I'm thinking.
I think it is really hard to see the big picture in these days. There are just too many informations to catch up.

We're gathering informations by emails, RSS, twitter, conversations and so on. But have you really gone through all the star-marked articles? Well, I haven't.

And there are web apps that makes me do extra things. Some apps look promising to me except I don't have a mac.

After reading Alan Greenspun's "The Age of Turbulence", I'm sure that the global economy's speed is really fast like light. It's out of control in this hot, flat, crowded world even for FRB.

How can we catch up all these informations? May be, no one can. But they only pay their attentions on something meaningful to them. As Eric Schmidt says, most of us focus on the head, not the tail. Why? Because there is so little time to spend on reading, studying, and even eating. Most of people do what they have been doing. But there are specific needs. And they start to google it or to digg it. They already have established their information sources. It could be friends, social networking sites, ranking sites, or a RSS reader. Here it comes, "Look, see, imagine".

I don't have enough room to post every data that I've gathered. And it would consume a lot of ink and papers. Why there is no software that help me to see the big picture?


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